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Discipleship and Christian Education

Christian Education and Discipleship in National Ministries

With the culture changing so rapidly in the United States, many churches are reevaluating their ministries to see what is effective and what is needed as they give witness to Jesus Christ. In National Ministries, we believe dynamic disciples of Jesus Christ are needed to meet the demanding challenges of the rapidly changing world in which we live.

What are the characteristics of such a disciple? A disciple is a person who, being touched and transformed by the power of Christ, seeks continually to grow in relationship with Christ, to become more fully equipped to serve Christ, and to respond more faithfully to Christ's call to serve the world. To that end, we believe Christian education and discipleship are vitally needed ministries within our churches—disciple-making churches.

What is a disciple-making church? A disciple-making church is a community of faith that seeks to touch people with Christ's transforming power as it encourages and assists them to grow in relationship with Christ, become equipped to serve Christ, and enter into mission in Christ's name. Disciple-making churches undertaking to fulfill the great commission and the great commandment will work to fulfill Jesus' commission and commandment in their specific context of time, place and culture.

Arenas of Discipleship:

No area of life for both individuals and churches is beyond the scope of discipleship. To this end, National Ministries seeks to support and enable discipleship in these arenas:
  • Personal
  • Pastoral
  • Congregational
Our goal is to provide clear, practical resources to help churches make disciples who are:

  • Grounded in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Equipped to respond to God's call by developing their gifts and acquiring the skills and knowledge they need
  • Sent into ministry in the world to be about God's work
  • Reproducing and multiplying
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