Executive Director

Preparing to enter the next phase of life's journey, ABHMS executive director
addresses American Baptist family

Dr. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins III
Executive Director, American Baptist Home Mission Societies

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and Puerto Rico

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December 2012: Affirming all people as God's children

November 2012: Keep praying for millions impacted by Superstorm Sandy

  • Download this insert about Superstorm Sandy relief for your worship bulletin.

October 2012: ABHMS executive director requests ideas, concerns regarding
church engagement of ages 18-29

September 2012: Reflecting on summer's ministries, previewing fall's opportunities

July 2012: ‘History is in the hands of a purposeful God’

June 2012: Happy birthday, Church!

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"A Roadside View Of The Church" video (13:48 WMV)

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September 2011: Rejoice in, reach out, recognize women in ministry

August 2011: How are the children?

July 2011: No Videocast Available

June 2011: Through our human imperfections, the Holy Spirit brings hope and redemption

May 2011: God calls us to show up every day… are you listening?

April 2011: ABHMS demographic services and missional church experiences support local congregations

March 2011: Executive Director Dr. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins III invites American Baptists to become
passionaries for Christ.

Past Columns

July 2015: ABHMS encourages churches to participate in July 5 'Freedom from Racism Sunday'

March 2015: Lifting up American Baptist women during Women's History Month

February 2015: ABHMS offers resources to meet every need

September 2014: Reaching out to Passionaries, disciples, young adult leaders

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July 2013: An urging to begin ministry to the incarcerated, returning citizens

March 2013: Bringing the Easter message to a torn and tattered world

August 2012: ABHMS is here to support you

October 2011: Palmer Grant recipients announced

April 2010: ABHMS Web site serves as valuable ministry tool

Nov. 2008: Obama election “serious step” toward true racial dialogue, says National Ministries
executive director

Sept. 2008: Sept. 2008: Standing on our tiptoes, striving for the halo

March 2008: American Baptist Church Leaders, Head of United Church of Christ
Speak Out for Dr. Jeremiah Wright Jr.

June 2007: June 2007: At National Ministries, we seek to be faithful to a faithful and loving God.

April 2007: The Virginia Tech massacre: people of faith gather to pray for comfort...and peace

March 2007: Mission on your doorstep: reclaiming our mission, reclaiming our prophetic voices

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Baptist Pastors at the White House

'Goodwill' Baptist pastors at White House include ABHMS executive director

Sixty “goodwill” Baptist pastors from 20 states —organized by EthicsDaily.com—participated in a four-hour White House briefing about U.S. policy issues on Wednesday, March 7. Dr. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins III, executive director of American Baptist Home Mission Societies, traveled to Washington, D.C, as part of the delegation


Aidsand Celebrates Norristown Ministries service to the poor

Wright-Riggins’ message celebrates two decades of Norristown
Ministries’ service to poor

As the featured preacher, Dr. Aidsand F. Wright-Riggins III, executive
director, American Baptist Home Mission Societies, celebrated with
Norristown Ministries Inc. Hospitality Center (NMI) its 20th anniversary of serving the poor and homeless just outside Philadelphia, Pa., on Sunday.

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