ABHMS Missionaries and Staff
Name Job Title
Alden , Ms. Laura Associate Executive Director, Publishing
Alexander, Esq , Rev. Aundreia National Coordinator, Refugee Resettlement and Immigration Services
Barrueto , Rev. Fela National Coordinator, Prisoner Re-entry and Aftercare Ministry
Beauford , Mr. Trevor National Coordinator of Youth and Young Adul
Birdsall, CPA , Michaele D. Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer
Carkuff Williams, Ed.D. , Rev. Cassandra D. National Coordinator, Discipleship Resource Development
Carlson , Rev. Dr. Ronald H. Missional Church Strategist
Carter , Rev. Yvonne Managing Director, Event Development
Cheek, Esq , Valoria L. President, The American Baptist Extension Corporation and General Counsel, American Baptist Home Mission Societies
Cruz , Rev. Eddie Associate Executive Director, Mission Interpretation and Development
Duncan , Mrs. Tondolayo T. Ministry Services Coordinator
Ellison , Mr. Danny Director, Creative Services
Freeland , Mr. Ron Director of General Accounting
Gilbert, MBA, CBA , Derrick G. Director of Information Technology
Goff , Mrs. Victoria J. National Coordinator, Volunteer Ministries
Gottshall , Ms. Susan Associate Executive Director, Communications
Halliburton , Rev. Dr. Brenda R. National Coordinator, Black Churches Strategist
Harris , Rev. Lisa National Coordinator Justice for Children Initiative/Christian Center Relations
Hasenecz , Nadine Communications Associate
Irwin-Diehl , Rev. Rebecca Editor, Judson Press
Jessen , Ms. Marcia Curriculum and Production Editor
Johnson , Dr. Jeffrey A. National Coordinator of Evangelism and New Church Planting
LaBarre , Rev. Glynis Transformation Strategist
Ler Htoo , Rev. Saw National Coordinator for Karen Ministries
Li , Rev. Florence National Coordinator, Asian Churches Strategist
Lundgren , Rev. Dwight M. Manager, American Baptist Personnel Services
Miraz, Ph.D. , Laura Associate Executive Director, Board and Staff Services
Mitchell , Felecia J. Executive Assistant, Office of the Executive Director
Mitchell-Cross , Alice Coordinator for Mission services
Moore Jr. , Dave L. Director of Investments
Nunuk , Ronald C. National Coordinator for Chin Ministries
Orellana , Rev. F. Salvador National Coordinator, Latino Ministries Strategist
Osborne Randolph , Ms. Patricia A. Multi-Media Specialist
Pagán Jr. , Mr. Angel Investment Accountant
Patterson Jr , Dr. Alonzo B Coordinator, Alaska Ministries
Ramsey-Lucas , Mr. Curtis Managing Director, Resource Development
Turner , Rev. Dr. Marilyn P. Associate Executive Director, Missional Life and Leadership
Wright-Riggins III , Rev. Dr. Aidsand F. Executive Director, American Baptist Home Mission Societies